Our Just For Fun Projects

CaRevol Jet The formula calculator of complex numbers


CaRevol Jet The program for mathematical calculations as the formulas with complex numbers.
Fast constants on physics and mathematician.
Evaluation of the formulas of any size, with any enclosure of brackets.
Changeable themes of an design skins, sticky windows Winamp-Style.
Hightlight of syntax of the formula.
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Easy Neatly Accurate cascade style scheets CSS.


Easy Neatly The program for transformation CSS of a code.
Easy - Is simple: compact CSS a code optimized for a loading by browser.
Superfluous signs: gaps, last numeral ";" in the selector, the line foldings are deleted.
Neatly - Is accurate: extended and taken apart in semantic group CSS a code.
Is teared in stairs, is divided by the comments on section.
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FourierScope Research of radio signals and their spectrs.


FourierScope The program for research of radio signals and their spectra.
Fast transformation Fourier. Amplitude, phase and power spectra.
The visual editor of signals, graphic construction of signals on points.
It is possible to use Bezier-curve and segments, specific any function.
Application of modulation to a signal (amplitude, frequent, phase, BAM, SSB).
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