History of Changes of The Сalculator of Сomplex Numbers "CaRevol Jet"

CaRevol Jet version 10 April 2007

The support of the keyboard is added.
The found and eliminated errors of previous version:

  1. Error of calculation of functions sec [], cosec [], sech [], cosech [].
    The error consist of that the functions settled an invoice only from complex numbers. If the actual or imaginary part was absent, the functions returned a zero.
  2. Error StepBackward for the previous calculation result of evaluations PR.
    If to press a button PR, and then UNDO the program was completed under abnormal condition.
  3. Error with removed skins files.
    If to delete all skins files the program at start-up was completed under abnormal condition.
CaRevol Jet version 11 March 2007

The first public release.

CaRevol Jet - What`s Next? ~ 2010

We plan to develop the project and further.
The plans for the following version:

  1. Management of a history of evaluations with a capability of export in various formats.
  2. Activity with the MS WINDOWS© Buffer.
  3. Input of user’s defined variables.
  4. Calculation of tables under the formula.
  5. Making plots in various coordinate systems.
  6. Formula with units of measurement of a SI.
  7. Extension of functions (Functions of a statistics, Spherical, Matrixes, Numerical integration and derivation)