Research of a Radio Signals and their Spectra «FourierScope»

FourierScope - The program for a construction of a radio signals and their spectral analysis.

The program is intended for the students of radio engineering specialities and all who is interested in the spectral analysis of signals and is intended first of all for training and familiarization with spectra of signals most frequently used in theoretical and practical radio engineering. FourierScope substitutes the whole complex of radiodevices: the generator of signals, Modulator, Oscillograph and Spectrograph. The editor of the program allows to simulate signals, both simple geometric form, and shown by composite functions, and also to apply to it modulation. With the help of of fast transformation the Fourier the program receives FREQUENT, Phase and Power spectra of a researched signal.

List of capabilities of the program FourierScope.

The spectral analysis finds amplitude, phase and power spectra. The convenient editor for a construction of a signal and survey of spectral reflectance.
The graphic construction of signals "on points" allows fast and visually to simulate the necessary signals. At a construction of a signal it is possible to use Bezier-curve and segments, specific any function.
The formula editor allows to introduce the formulas of any complexity and will recognize the most diverse functions. Fast set-up of parameters of the analysis.
Customized accuracy of reproduction of functions and Bezier-curve.
The spectral analysis is made on special algorithm,
that allows fast and maximum precisely to find spectra of signals.
There is a capability to apply one from kinds of modulation to an initial signal
(amplitude (АМ), frequent (FM), phase (PM)). And also variety:
Balance Amplitude Modulation (BAM)
and Broadcasting Communication with the Extension of Spektr of Signals (SSB).

Example of research of radio signal. That makes FourierScope (Click to enlarge images.)
Initial signal Amplitude spectrum of a signal
Initial signal

Amplitude spectrum of a signal

Phase spectrum of a signal Power spectrum of a signal
Phase spectrum of a signal

Power spectrum of a signal