We Studio of Extreme Programming

All programs shown on this web-site and self web-site are created by our command from two persons. We to itself the managers of the projects, programmers, collectors, testers and technical writers.

To make the business and to make it only on excellent, here of our pieces of foreign exchange. We want to be the best command of extreme programming, our purpose to receive skills of command integration, constantly conduct under searching accumulating our knowledges.

The knowledges each from us are limited to certain area, but together as a command we have large force. We complement, one another and together we grow, opening for ourselves new universes.

Set ours of Just For Fun projects we spread free of charge. You can participate, by introducing the proposals and remarks in the guest book.
Also we work under Freelance projects. So that, if the help of the expert is necessary for you, for your project do not hesitate to address and take advantage of our services.


3D Artist and Programmer.

KUIPACUIP Perfectly possesses process engineerings OpenGL and DirectX. Shader Model. Draws in 3D Max.
Knows the programming languages C++, Object Pascal (Turbo Delphi), BASH Scripts for Linux, Assembler.

The foreman of game engines,
The host of virtual physics,
Conqueror of Voxels.


Programmer и WEB-master.

NoBuenHombre Knows software Microsoft SQL, MySQL. And russians 1C v7.7 и 1С v8.0. Like WEB-master not bad make web-sites, Successfully applies HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, PHP, Apache, ASP, IIS.

Eat heap of asteriods on Object Pascal.
Know Script Laguage of installer
Null Soft Install Script.

Take Advantage of Our Services