Whether it is necessary to you cross-platform?


It is necessary 45.35%
Actually only Windows 50.78%
Actually only Linux 3.88%

Latest News

21 July 2012

My love, my wife also started to conduct its interesting project All Life for Dream and Love, and I am helping her to learn web-construction.

5 July 2009

Easy-Neatly-v3.0.0.78. Fixed Bug. Incorrect path for patterns-templates if application started under other process, like PHP script

31 March 2008

Released EasyNeatly v3.0.0.77. Bugs are corrected. JScript injections in CSS were translated in the lowercase, that after transformation did style non-working. It is corrected. The file of patterns is a little corrected. Now last property of the selector is always closed by a semicolon. In a file of patterns has appeared two new parameters - rule_property_value_JS_remove_spaces and selector_property_value_JS_remove_spaces. They can accept values Yes and No, and mean removal of superfluous blanks in expression expression(). The new key -u or --unregmenu for removal of the menu from a Windows-Explorer is added. It is corrected uninstall-script which now cleans behind itself the menu of a Windows-Explorer after uninstall.

27 January 2008

Is out EasyNeatly v3.0.0.76. Fixed bug. Incorrectly parse long expression for the selector TAG#id.Class:pseudo.

13 January 2008

So we have made at last 3-rd version EasyNeatly. In the new version the capability of very flexible set-up of transformation CSS of a code with the help of files of templates is made. In this version we have born 61 base set-up of a code from a binary code in the edited file of templates...

21 October 2007

Was created first release of the program FourierScope - Research of radio signals and their spectrs with the help of fast Fourier transformation. The graphic construction of signals on points allows fast and visually to simulate the necessary signals. At a construction of a signal it is possible to use Bezier-curve and segments, specific any function, that enriches with capabilities of simulation of actual signals. Formula the editor allows to introduce the most diverse functions of any complexity. Will recognize labels of main logarithmic and trigonometrical functions. The spectral analysis finds amplitude, phase and power spectra. The spectral analysis is made on special algorithm, that allows fast and maximum precisely to find spectra of signals. There is a capability to apply one from kinds of modulation to an initial signal (amplitude, frequent, phase). And also variety Balance Amplitude Modulation (BAM) and Spread-Spectrum Broadcasting (SSB). Customized accuracy of reproduction of functions and Bezier-curve. The convenient editor for a construction of a signal and survey of spectral reflectance.

4 September 2007

Is released new version of the Utility of transformation CSS for the WEB-masters Easy Neatly v2.0.0.57. The some errors are fixed, the new features are added - Quantization of Color.

26 August 2007

At our website was opened RSS news feeds.

14 July 2007

Was started new project - Easy Neatly - Accurate tables of cascade styles CSS (Utility of transformation CSS for the WEB-masters).

12 July 2007

We have made new section - Guest book. Leave to us the message...