The Сalculator of Сomplex Numbers Carevol Jet, The Formula

The calculator executes all operations with complex numbers!

The calculator of complex numbers «CaRevol Jet», formula, allows to execute arithmetical Operations with complex numbers to calculate functions from complex arguments, and to settle an invoice difficult the formulas.

List of features of the calculator of complex numbers.

Precision: 3.6 x 10-4951 Maximum number: 1.1 x 10+4932
Conversion of measures of corners
between degrees, radians, grad and turnovers.
The calculator has a manual from
20 constants on physics and mathematician.
Calculation as the formula.
Unlimited enclosure of brackets.
Storage of the last outcome
as variable for the formula.
Customized accuracy and digit capacity
of map of an outcome of evaluations.
The function Undo allows to erase the end
of the formula, if you were mistaken at input.
Changeable exterior
a set of changeable themes of an design - skins.
Sticky windows
as at the program WinAmp.
Colour separation of elements of the formula
on the display (in a theme of an design).
Dynamically extended gear
of computing functions.

The calculator has functions with complex arguments

Arithmetical functions Arithmetical functions Wiki

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of complex numbers.

Vectorial functions Vectorial functions Wiki

The evaluation of a module and argument of a complex number (argument of a complex number is calculated in radians).

Trigonometrical functions Trigonometrical functions Wiki

Sine (sin[a+jb]), Cosine (cos[a+jb]), Tangent (tg[a+jb]),
Cotangent(ctg[a+jb]), Secant (sec[a+jb]), Cosecant (сsc[a+jb]).

Hyperbolic functions Hyperbolic functions Wiki

Hyper Sine (sh[a+jb]), Hyper Cosine(ch[a+jb]), Hyper Tangent (th[a+jb]),
Hyper Cotangent(cth[a+jb]), Hyper Secant (sech[a+jb]), Hyper Cosecant (сsch[a+jb]).

Power functions Power functions Wiki

Сomplex numbers in guadrate [a+jb]2, Сomplex numbers cubed [a+jb]3,
The square root from сomplex numbers [a+jb]1/2,
The cubic root from сomplex numbers [a+jb]1/3.

Exponential functions Exponential functions Wiki

Number e in сomplex degree e[a+jb], Any number in any degree [a+jb][a+jb].

Logarithmic functions Logarithmic functions Wiki

Log natural on the basis e from сomplex numbers ln[a+jb],
Log decimal on the basis 10 from сomplex numbers lg[a+jb],
Log on any basis from сomplex numbers log[c+jd][a+jb].

Inverse Trigonometrical functions Inverse Trigonometrical functions Wiki

Arc Sine (arcsin[a+jb]), Arc Cosine (arccos[a+jb]), Arc Tangent (arctg[a+jb]).

Inverse Hyperbolic functions Inverse Hyperbolic functions Wiki

Arc Hyper Sine (arcsh[a+jb]), Arc Hyper Cosine (arcch[a+jb]), Arc Hyper Tangent (arcth[a+jb]).

Constants in the calculator of complex numbers.

All constants have size in a system of a SI
(Meter, Second, Kg, Ampere, Kelvin, Mol, Candela).

Pi3,142number Pi
e2.718number е
M0.434Module of decimal logarithms
с2.998 x 108 (m/s)Speed of light in vacuum
g9.807 (m/s2)Accelaration of gravity
gamma6.672 x 10-11 (m3/(kg x s2))Gravitational constant
V22.414 (m3/gram-molecule)Normal molar volume
Av6.022 x 1023 (1/gram-molecule)Constant Avogadro
Lo2.687 x 1025 (m-3)Number of Loshmidt
k1.381 x 10-23 (Joule/K)Constant of Bolcman
Radiation5.670 x 10-8 (Wt/(m2 x K4))Constant of radiation
E08.854 x 10-12 (Farad/m)Electrical constant
M01.257 x 10-6 (Henry/m)Magnetic constant
F9.648 x 104 (Coulomb/gram-molecule)Faradey number
qe1.602 x 10-19 (Coulomb)Elementary electrical charge
h6.626 x 10-34 (Joule x s)Constant of Plank
me9.110 x 10-31 (kg)Rest-mass of an electron
mp1.673 x 10-27 (kg)Rest-mass of a proton
mn1.675 x 10-27 (kg)Rest-mass of a neutron
aum1.661 x 10-27 (kg)Nuclear mass unit