History of changes for programm "EasyNeatly"

Easy Neatly version 5 june 2009

Fixed Bug. Incorrect path for patterns-templates if application started under other process, like PHP script. It was fixed and now i have nice PHP script for automatic compile many CSS files to one minified with EasyNeatly and gzipped file.

Easy Neatly version 29 march 2008

Bugs are corrected.

  1. JScript injections in CSS were translated in the lowercase, that after transformation did style non-working. It is corrected.
  2. The file of patterns is a little corrected. Now last property of the selector is always closed by a semicolon.
  3. In a file of patterns has appeared two new parameters - rule_property_value_JS_remove_spaces and selector_property_value_JS_remove_spaces. They can accept values Yes and No, and mean removal of superfluous blanks in expression expression().
  4. The new key -u or --unregmenu for removal of the menu from a Windows-Explorer is added.
  5. It is corrected uninstall-script which now cleans behind itself the menu of a Windows-Explorer after uninstall.
Easy Neatly version 26 january 2008

Fixed bug. Incorrectly parse long expression for the selector TAG#id.Class:pseudo.

Easy Neatly version 7 january 2008

In the new version the capability of very flexible set-up of transformation CSS of a code with the help of files of templates is made. In this version we have born 61 base set-up of a code from a binary code in the edited file of templates, and hereinafter we plan to increase flexibility and capabilities of these templates.
More in detail about new gears...

Easy Neatly version 1 september 2007
  1. The new transformation - quantization of colors is created.
    With the help of functions of linear approximation length of color is reduced from (7) seven numerals up to (4) four.
    #A2BBC7 #ABC #11FF4F #1F5
    #FFFEC3 #FFB #113FEF #14E
    #EABC34 #EB3 #FF107E #F17
  2. The new gear of processing of the command line.
    1. The sequence of the instruction of keys in the command line has not value. You can write keys in any order.
    2. There are two such as keys the short (1) one letters and long - whole word.
    3. The short keys are determined by one hyphen (-) long by two (--).
    4. Any key both long and short can matter a difiniendum after a sign equally (=).
    5. The short keys without values can be grouped without separating signs (-abcdk).
    6. The short key with value cannot be grouped and always goes separately (-ab -c=value -df).
    7. The long keys both with value and without it can be grouped and are divided by a semicolon (;) (--neatly;file=C:\file.css;quant).
  3. Are found and the errors of the previous version are eliminated.
    Some properties of selectors not relating to the standard CSS2.0, and specific only for separate browsers, For example for IE [filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Shadow(color=#BBB, direction=135, strength=4);] Were treated not correctly. Now it is fitted.
Easy Neatly version 13 august 2007

Are found and the errors of the previous version are eliminated.

  1. If the last numeral of the document Closing of the selector (}) that last selector/rule was lost.
  2. If there is an empty selector, without a unified property that document was not assorted - program was completed with an error.
  3. If image is named as the name of color - url("img/Red.gif"); is transformed in Red.
  4. Errors of definition of semantic group of selectors. For example tr, td etc. if there is a selector with the name of group for example "trans" that it will be erroneous is referred to tables in group GRIDS.
Easy Neatly version 14 july 2007

The first working version is created.

  1. Knows the standards CSS Level 1 and CSS Level 2.
  2. Makes two transformations - Reduction and Deployment CSS of a code.
  3. Creates a backup copy of the document CSS.
  4. Is integrated in the context-menu of WindowsTM Explorer.
  5. Formats of color #RRGGBB and standard names of colors Red, Green, Blue etc.
  6. Will transform to a lowercase names of selectors and their properties.
  7. Sorts properties of selectors in the alphabetic order.
  8. Groups selectors in semantic groups (MAIN, HACKS, LINKS, GRIDS, LAYOUT, COMMON, COLORS).
  9. Sorts and groups rules in types (@charset, @import, @font-face, @page, @media).
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